Bad Cinderella at Imperial Theatre

Bad Cinderella Tickets

Imperial Theatre | New York, New York

What makes Bad Cinderella, the musical so good? Well, the critics have called it a Cinderella for the 21st Century. It turns the tale of Cinderella on its head, and suddenly it becomes good to be bad, It is something brand new and different. The design of the stage will leave you dazed and amazed with its bewitching appearance, and we haven’t even spoken about the superb performers and costume design which just makes you want more. Audiences will be rushing to get their tickets and this is not something that you want to miss out on, so be sure to buy your tickets right here. The musical will be shown at Imperial Theatre on Saturday 1st April 2023.

Bad Cinderella at Imperial Theatre

As the tale of Bad Cinderella advances we find that the gardens are exquisite, the prince is charming, and the people are stunning in the incredibly beautiful kingdom of Belleville. Cinderella is the only obstinate peasant standing in the way of full perfection. You have to be there to see why Andrew Lloyd Webber makes Cinderella the damsel who IS the distress to Belleville's perfect citizens and royals. This one will be a fun time for the whole family.

Critics have referred to it as “A Magical Musical, one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s best” – The Telegraph “A Cinderella for our time” – both the BBC and the Daily Mail, “A big, colorful, fun fairy tale rewrite – The Audience has a ball!” – The New York Times. These rave reviews say it all. Experience brilliance at its best.

On lookers have indeed been charmed by the musical Bad Cinderella as they awe at the wonderful scenery and the terrific company rocking the most beautiful costumes. For something this excellent, tickets won’t be on sale for long, and you can ensure your place by snapping up them right here.

Bad Cinderella at Imperial Theatre

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